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Amazon Favorites

I wanted to share some of my favorites on Amazon. These are just a few of some of the things I have been loving from Amazon. I will definitely be added these as time goes on… don’t worry 🙂

Keep Your New iPhone XS Max Protected

If you are willing to drop $1200 on a phone, you better protect that with your life. Everyone is always dropping their phone whether it falls out your pocket, it slips out your hand when you’re getting out the car, or when you don’t have a good grip on it. Either way, dropping your iPhone…

Fall Essentials

I love the fall. The air is crisp and the leaves turn orange, red, brown, and yellow. I love wearing my Timberland boots because they keep my feet warm and they are also very stylish. I was never a person who likes Timberland shoes. I thought they were too bulky and heavy. They are on…

A Must Have!

I’m not lying when I say this seasoning is the best thing in the entire world. You can literally put it on anything. Chicken, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, salads, roasted vegetables and so much more! Trader Joe’s you have done it again, and this has definitely been my third bottle already this last year. Trust…