Come join me in sharing my love for food and going out to eat. I want to dedicate this section of my blog just for foodies like myself

North Italia – KOP

This place has the best Italian food and atmosphere that you can ever want for a romantic dining experience. I went here for Valentine’s Day 2022 with my boyfriend and I am so glad we did. They made our pasta to order… HOW COOL IS THAT?!? They also offer different Italian appetizer and main courses.… Continue reading North Italia – KOP

Bridge on Bistro

If you are ever in the Phoenixville, PA area you need to try this place! Bridge on Bistro is a bar/brunch place that in located in the center of downtown Phoenixville. I just discovered that they offer brunch options on Saturday and Sundays. They also have a full bar inside, so feel free to order… Continue reading Bridge on Bistro

HelloFresh Meals

Do you ever get into a rut of not knowing what to make for dinner or lunch?! Well, Hello Fresh makes it easy for you to get out of that cooking rut and it’s also so convenient. They send you pre-portioned ingredients and they are all fresh when they get to your doorstep. They each… Continue reading HelloFresh Meals

Omega-3 is Vital

If you are a sushi or seafood lover and you haven’t tried poke bowls before, where have you been?? Poke bowls are essentially a great way to get all your nutrients in and make sure that you’re getting enough of everything for your body. I love salmon, so when I get a poke bowl it’s… Continue reading Omega-3 is Vital

Sriracha is My Best Friend

I understand that spicy food is not for everyone and some people just can’t handle it. Sriracha sauce is a good first step to trying anything spicy. It’s not too spicy where your tongue will be burning, but it definitely adds a kick to any food. At first when I discovered this I was a… Continue reading Sriracha is My Best Friend

Meal Prep is Key!

I’m always running out the door for work or for classes and I never have enough time in between classes to eat a proper meal. Meal prepping before your week starts is so helpful because all you have to do is reheat the food that you’ve already prepared. Simple. Some of my go-to foods to… Continue reading Meal Prep is Key!

Avocado Toast with Lox

I just love avocado toast so much. I’m telling you, everyone needs to try this at least once in their life and you won’t be sorry. The smoked salmon part is optional, but I definitely put a generous amount because it adds more flavor and I enjoy the texture. With your bread there are many… Continue reading Avocado Toast with Lox

Dessert Without the Guilt

Many people have cravings for sweets but sometimes once you eat a chocolate bar or a snickers bar, you feel like garbage. Chocolate is something that some people can keep eating and eating and not realize that they’ve finished a whole box of Lindor truffles. Acai bowls are pretty trendy right now, but who wants… Continue reading Dessert Without the Guilt