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Bring out the best version of yourself

I am someone who is sooo affected by my surroundings and especially working from home, I want to make my living situation as comfy as possible. I enjoy being at home and I am definitely a home body, but in order for me not to insane being at home all the time is having a routine and doing little things around the house that make me feel good. Here are some of my favorite things to do:

  • Lighting candles

Something about having a candle lit makes me feel more cozy in my home. Especially with it being winter time it makes the home feel more cozy and cute. I like to have more than one candle burning at the same time, throughout the house. I do have two dogs so when I burn my candles I have to make sure they are high up on tables or shelves, to ensure the dogs don’t get themselves hurt. I will usually burn them for at least a few hours, and just blow them out before heading to bed.

  • Cleaning the kitchen

My favorite thing to do on the weekend morning is put some good music on my Google Home and jam out while being productive at the same time. I am a big fan of cleaning my kitchen and making everything look nice. I feel that cleaning first thing in the morning is something I enjoy because not only do you get it out of the way, but you also just feel like you did something that day even if you didn’t do much. On days when I don’t leave the house at all, cleaning is something that makes me feel like I am not just wasting the day away. My biggest motivator is that when I clean I will usually relax after and put on some YouTube. The feeling after deep cleaning is a combination of “wow I got so much done today, and I am proud of myself” or “now I have a clean space where I am finally sit back and do things without stressing over a mess”.

  • Separating different parts of your life

I work from home full time and the one thing I have noticed is that I need to step out once in awhile, whether its going to Target, Starbucks, or even a walk with the boys. I office desk is on the first floor which is something that helps me separate work and personal life. I will eventually make the second bedroom into my home office/hangout room for my boyfriend and I. I think when that time comes, it’ll be so healthy so separate social activities from the bedroom.

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