Nail Inspiration

I am someone who LOVES getting my nails done and it’s so relaxing having me time when I am at the nail salon. The place I always went to was called Kiora Nail and Spa in Marlton, NJ. I am still finding a new place in PA for my nails but I think I found a place that I really like called Nails by Sunshine in Collegeville, PA. I totally understand that not everyone is able to get their nails done as often as I do, but if you get the chance, please do yourself a favor and have a self care day.

Back in 2019 when I discovered the love of getting my nails done, I started getting gel manicures…. but fast forward to 2020…. I discovered that I prefer dip manicures. I’ve noticed after awhile of getting dip powder my nails are not as brittle and they have become stronger over time.

For those who cannot afford to get your nails done all the time definitely try out the Dip Manicure set from Amazon. I will have it linked below.

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