Growing your Instagram

My personal experience with Instagram has been an ongoing rollercoaster. I started a new account in November and from then to now I gained about 1,400 followers and it’s from understanding the algortithm and what kind of people to engage with. I am always looking to connect with other empowering women or bloggers all aroung the world, and it has definitely helped me grow my account organically. No need to buy followers. I was to share with all you guys all my simiple tips for gaining for engagement…

  1. Using hashtags can increase your chances of being noticed on instagram, especially when there are so many other posts just like yours. I like to use hashtags that are relevant to that specific post. However, there are some that I like to use almost in every post and they are more general ones. Also, its a good idea to use hashtags to only get your content out there, but to also connect with people with your similar niche of blogging, videography, photography, or etc. I have been able to connect with so many other bloggers around the world, especially women who are also in college just like myself.
  2. Joining facebook engagement groups was something I started doing from the very beginning on my blogging journey. Each group is different, but most of them have the same format where each day of the week is a different types of tread (follow tread, comment thread, pinterest follow thread, and more). You just gotta be aware and make sure that when you are in these groups that you don’t just have people following you but that you also follow back.
  3. Taking advantage of your instagram story is so important because if you aren’t going to be posting anything that day, people can still know what you are up to based on your story. I like to also use my story as a leverage to engage with more people because that’s the time where I like to bring out my creativity and artisitic abilities. The doodling affect on stories are amazing and they allow you to create beautiful stories.

Another way that has helped me gained more engagement and genuine followers are joining Facebook groups. There are so many out there and you just have to find your niche and join as many as you want. I currently have one called “Boss Babe Ladies” and I also have an instagram account for that group. I have been tryng to grow it for awhile now and it definitely harder than growing your own account.

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