Being more confident in yourself

At the end of 2020 I was in a relationship that I thought was good at the start of it. However I soon realized that I was being too dependent on that other person to make me feel fully happy with my life. This was so unhealthy and I didn’t realize at the time because I was so blinded by how much they meant to me and I didn’t want to end up alone. I found myself being over obsessive with always wanting to be around them and never giving myself some me time. I didn’t realize the important of having time alone from your significant other until I started thinking about what I wanted. At the end of the day you are the only person that should matter and be a priority. As time went on I started spending more and more time by myself and doing things that made me happy and it honestly started becoming enjoyable having my alone time.

Fast forward to right now… January 2022. I am now in a relationship where I feel the most secure and stable I’ve ever felt in any other relationships. My boyfriend and I are two people who enjoy their alone time and because of that our relationship is always super exciting because we aren’t always up each other butts and we give the other person space once in awhile. I’ve definitely learned more about myself and how I want to receive and give love. I think it’s important to know your worth and love yourself because you are the only person that will ALWAYS be there for you. Don’t put pressure on other people to have them be the ones to make you happy, you need to find that happiness within yourself. I know I have still so much to learn but for now I am happy and I have never felt this confident in myself and in this relationship.

One thought on “Being more confident in yourself

  1. Struggled with the same thing! I think giving each other space makes it more fun when you’re together again and also shows you trust your partner which is super important! love this thank you 🙌🏼


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