Pamper Yourself

Every girl likes to feel like a princess and be able to pamper themselves. I personally feel more confident when I treat myself to a nice day of manicures, eyebrows waxing, and etc. Self care is something I am a huge advocate for because I suffer from anxiety and being able to have relaxtion time is the biggest game changer. If you want to know some stuff that you can do on a pamper day, then keep reading 🙂

  1. Nails – I love getting my nails done, even though it can be costly. However, a few times can’t hurt. When I am in a special mood, I’ll choose to get a full set of acrylics and if not then I will just stick with a normal gel manicure.
  2. Eyebrows – I love having fresh brows. My favorite is getting them threaded because it lasta longer. Sometimes I will try out waxing, and I recently discovered a new place called European Wax Center. I feel like I am so late on the trend, but I never thought it was worth $21 for eyebrow waxing. BUT, let me tell you… the people at European Wax Center know what they are doing! They did it so well, and they provide packages where you pay one fixed price for 4 appointments. They also allow student discounts, which is amazing!
  3. Face Masks – I love a good face mask. I love doing these when I am at home watching Netflix or YouTube videos. I have mud masks, peel masks and exfoliating masks. I rotate between the three kinds, depending on what I am feeling that night.

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