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Keep Your New iPhone XS Max Protected

If you are willing to drop $1200 on a phone, you better protect that with your life. Everyone is always dropping their phone whether it falls out your pocket, it slips out your hand when you’re getting out the car, or when you don’t have a good grip on it. Either way, dropping your iPhone can make your heart stop. That’s why you need theses top 5 iPhone XS Max cases. These are just my personal favorite

  1. Casetify Impact Cases (Ultimate Protection) – Comes in a million different designs for the back and three color selections for the bumper.
  2. Otterbox Traction Series Case – Amazing for people who enjoy being able to see the back of their phone while having it be very protected
  3. Evo Check – Comes in 5 different colors and is perfect for people who drop their phones all the time because it’s going to protect your device drop after drop.
  4. LifeProof Next – This case is perfect for anyone who wants their phone to be invincible and waterproof. Perfect for going on adventures with and being able to capture those amazing pictures, while keeping your phone safe. Lifeproof cases are definitely investment cases, but if you are someone who think they’ll need it, better safe than sorry.
  5. Jeweled Glitter Cat Case – This case is perfect for those who like sparkles and cats. Kate Spade is known for their adorable yet functional cases. They offer a bunch of unique and bold designs that will definitely make your phone stand out!

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