My 4 Years in College

  1. People can be fake: Some of the people you meet will be fake and pretend to want to be friends with you and if you find yourself needing help, they will most likely not help you. You’d think people in college are more mature and less judgmental and but that is not always applicable. I have personally interacted with people who only cared about themselves and their reputations. I found that it was hard for me to open up to some of my friends, especially because I was involved with a sports team and it became impossible for me to trust the people around me. One thing that has stuck with me is when I was going through a hard time with my anxiety and my teammates made the assumption that I was weird and that there was something wrong with me. Mental illness is not something that everyone understands and that’s fine, just don’t make preconceived notions about other people until you know their whole story.
  2. Be prepared to spend TOO much money on food: I didn’t think I would ever be eating out this often but it definitely has been hurting my wallet haha. Most college kids do spend most of their money on food or alcohol if you are of legal drinking age. I will definitely warn you that when you do live in dorms it’s hard for you to buy fresh groceries, so you can’t really have a balanced diet with just dining hall food. If you think about it, each meal that you eat out is about $10 and that’s a lot if you go out to eat almost 3 times a day each week. It adds up and it definitely will be annoying when you realize that you don’t have money to go out and eat with your friends.
  3. Freshmen 15: Freshmen year was hard to avoid, for me at least. From living in a dorm room it was hard for me to get food from the grocery store because most freshmen don’t have cars on campus. I was fortunate enough to have my car, but my schedule was too busy for me to go on a grocery run. Dining hall is convenient but it’s hard to know what is going into your food and there’s usually a lot of butter and oil being mixed in with the hot foods. My first semester at Rutgers, I was really excited about the unlimited amount of food at the dining hall, but then I realized that I shouldn’t be stuffing myself every time I ate a meal. My only advice is that after time, you will know what fits your lifestyle and how to control your appetite.

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