Christmas 2018 Wish list/Gift guide

  1. Fur Lined Aimilita Aunt Sally Dr. Martens ($175) – These are not like classic Dr. Martens because there is fur on the inside and they will be perfect for anyone that wants to keep their feet warm! Obviously these shoes aren’t everyone’s style, but that’s okay.
  2. Shadow Hill Baby Blue Foil Pullover ($90) – Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?? I definitely have an obsession with hoodies and I am always buying more. This color is so pretty and it’s very minimalistic. Shadow Hill is a well known brand for having unique designs and simple colors.
  3. Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Pullover ($135) – Outdoor Voices is a brand known for having casual clothing pieces for all body types. They don’t emphasize the need for working out and exercising, but it’s about feeling good in your own skin.
  4. Champion UO Exclusive Colorblock Hoodie Sweatshirt ($79) – Champion hoodies have been my favorite for so long now and their quality just keeps improving and they are always coming out with one-of-a-kind designs and colors. This can be a gift for her and him!
  5. Apple Airpods – ($159) – If you know anyone that likes working out but is so sick of wearing headphones with a wire that will get tangled up, get these for them! I recently got myself a pair and it was totally worth it! It makes going to the gym less of a hassle and makes me actually enjoy working out and not constantly having to adjust my headphone cords.

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