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Take Me Back to Disney

Earlier this summer, I went to Disney with my boyfriend. It was such an amazing time and because I paid for it myself it made it all the more rewarding. We had a whole itinerary for each day we were there and everyday was spent walking A LOT and eating amazing food. Some of my highlights from the trip would have to be spending my 21st birthday there and me and my boyfriend’s one year anniversary. Don’t worry everything was planned ahead of time. But what really made me so happy at the end of this trip was that on the last night we were there, my boyfriend surprised me with a fancy dinner at the top of the Contemporary Hotel right next to Magic Kingdom. We were able to watch the fireworks before getting our entries we were gifted a free bottle of champagne to celebrate the special occasion. There was no one I’d rather spend this trip with except him. He truly has outdone himself and it means the world to me. Love you

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