Get to Know Me!

Hey everyone, Cynthia here from @cwuinphotos on IG. Some of my interests include food, athleisure fashion, wellness products and mental health. I am original from NJ and now I am living my best life in PA. I went to Rutgers University where I earned a BA in Communication and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Communication and Information. I enjoy capturing the fun and exciting parts of my life and I want to be able to share that part of my life with you guys! ❤

North Italia – KOP

This place has the best Italian food and atmosphere that you can ever want for a romantic dining experience. I went here for Valentine’s Day 2022 with my boyfriend and I am so glad we did. They made our pasta to order… HOW COOL IS THAT?!? They also offer different Italian appetizer and main courses.… Continue reading North Italia – KOP

Bridge on Bistro

If you are ever in the Phoenixville, PA area you need to try this place! Bridge on Bistro is a bar/brunch place that in located in the center of downtown Phoenixville. I just discovered that they offer brunch options on Saturday and Sundays. They also have a full bar inside, so feel free to order… Continue reading Bridge on Bistro

Starbucks Baya Energy

If you are wondering, I have been loving the new Baya Energy drinks made by Starbucks. They contain antioxidant Vitamin C for immune system and 160mg of caffeine naturally derived from coffee fruits. I especially have been loving them for working from home full time. These drinks give me enough to stay productive and mindful… Continue reading Starbucks Baya Energy

Things I’ve been loving

I wanted to share all the things I have been enjoying recently including: skincare, wellness, and mental health. I have been using all these products for that last couple weeks and I can already feel a difference in how my mood is. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but the little things that I do… Continue reading Things I’ve been loving

Amazon Favorites

I wanted to share some of my favorites on Amazon. These are just a few of some of the things I have been loving from Amazon. I will definitely be added these as time goes on… don’t worry 🙂

Nail Inspiration

I am someone who LOVES getting my nails done and it’s so relaxing having me time when I am at the nail salon. The place I always went to was called Kiora Nail and Spa in Marlton, NJ. I am still finding a new place in PA for my nails but I think I found… Continue reading Nail Inspiration

Growing your Instagram

My personal experience with Instagram has been an ongoing rollercoaster. I started a new account in November and from then to now I gained about 1,400 followers and it’s from understanding the algortithm and what kind of people to engage with. I am always looking to connect with other empowering women or bloggers all aroung… Continue reading Growing your Instagram

HelloFresh Meals

Do you ever get into a rut of not knowing what to make for dinner or lunch?! Well, Hello Fresh makes it easy for you to get out of that cooking rut and it’s also so convenient. They send you pre-portioned ingredients and they are all fresh when they get to your doorstep. They each… Continue reading HelloFresh Meals

Quintana Roo 2019

I haven’t gone on vacation with my parents in so long and for my last college spring break we decided to go to Quintana Roo. We stayed at the Grand Palladium White Sand Resort in Riviera Maya and our experience there was out of this world. We stayed for 5 days and 4 nights, which… Continue reading Quintana Roo 2019

Pamper Yourself

Every girl likes to feel like a princess and be able to pamper themselves. I personally feel more confident when I treat myself to a nice day of manicures, eyebrows waxing, and etc. Self care is something I am a huge advocate for because I suffer from anxiety and being able to have relaxtion time… Continue reading Pamper Yourself

Using Lightroom

As I started growing my own personal brand on Instagram and on my blog, I wanted to use a better editing software for my pictures. That is when I discovered Lightroom CC and I am obsessed with this app because it really lets you customize your pictures depending on what theme you are going for.… Continue reading Using Lightroom

My 4 Years in College

People can be fake: Some of the people you meet will be fake and pretend to want to be friends with you and if you find yourself needing help, they will most likely not help you. You’d think people in college are more mature and less judgmental and but that is not always applicable. I… Continue reading My 4 Years in College

First tattoo

Never would I thought I would get a tattoo, but I am so happy I did. I am into dainty and delicate looking tattoos and I knew I wanted a rose because I thought the design of a rose was beautiful. The rose is consider a symbol of balance and it expresses promise, hope, and… Continue reading First tattoo

Thanksgiving 2018

There are so many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for my education, my family, friends, boyfriend, dog and more importantly, my health. During this time of the year, it’s always so nice to think back and reflect on all the things you should be thankful for and cherish those amazing memories. My… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2018

Fall Essentials

I love the fall. The air is crisp and the leaves turn orange, red, brown, and yellow. I love wearing my Timberland boots because they keep my feet warm and they are also very stylish. I was never a person who likes Timberland shoes. I thought they were too bulky and heavy. They are on… Continue reading Fall Essentials

Omega-3 is Vital

If you are a sushi or seafood lover and you haven’t tried poke bowls before, where have you been?? Poke bowls are essentially a great way to get all your nutrients in and make sure that you’re getting enough of everything for your body. I love salmon, so when I get a poke bowl it’s… Continue reading Omega-3 is Vital

Sriracha is My Best Friend

I understand that spicy food is not for everyone and some people just can’t handle it. Sriracha sauce is a good first step to trying anything spicy. It’s not too spicy where your tongue will be burning, but it definitely adds a kick to any food. At first when I discovered this I was a… Continue reading Sriracha is My Best Friend

Meal Prep is Key!

I’m always running out the door for work or for classes and I never have enough time in between classes to eat a proper meal. Meal prepping before your week starts is so helpful because all you have to do is reheat the food that you’ve already prepared. Simple. Some of my go-to foods to… Continue reading Meal Prep is Key!

A Must Have!

I’m not lying when I say this seasoning is the best thing in the entire world. You can literally put it on anything. Chicken, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, salads, roasted vegetables and so much more! Trader Joe’s you have done it again, and this has definitely been my third bottle already this last year. Trust… Continue reading A Must Have!

Take Me Back to Disney

Earlier this summer, I went to Disney with my boyfriend. It was such an amazing time and because I paid for it myself it made it all the more rewarding. We had a whole itinerary for each day we were there and everyday was spent walking A LOT and eating amazing food. Some of my… Continue reading Take Me Back to Disney

Avocado Toast with Lox

I just love avocado toast so much. I’m telling you, everyone needs to try this at least once in their life and you won’t be sorry. The smoked salmon part is optional, but I definitely put a generous amount because it adds more flavor and I enjoy the texture. With your bread there are many… Continue reading Avocado Toast with Lox

Dessert Without the Guilt

Many people have cravings for sweets but sometimes once you eat a chocolate bar or a snickers bar, you feel like garbage. Chocolate is something that some people can keep eating and eating and not realize that they’ve finished a whole box of Lindor truffles. Acai bowls are pretty trendy right now, but who wants… Continue reading Dessert Without the Guilt